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Hi, I'm Diamando

I'm here to listen. I'll start there because it's important.

People call me a business artist, which is a label I happily connect with.

Growing up as a first-generation Greek-American has played a huge role in who I am. I'm only half Greek, but it's definitely the dominant half. I was raised in  a culture in which success is measured by financial wealth, career status and eventually, marriage.


As a creative spirit, those things never sat well with me. Sure, I could have been a lawyer or gotten my MBA, but those things only called to me when I was trying to be the image of what other people expected of me.


I have been fortunate in my life to have immersed myself in a variety of experiences. They have provided me with certifications and skills I pull from when in collaboration.


There is no singular method that works for everyone; and even when you find one that works for you once, there is no guarantee it will work every time.


Life is an experiment. Life is flow. Let it be fun!

  • founder of multiple successful businesses

  • registered yoga teacher (vinyasa, yoga nidra)

  • certified NLP master practitioner

  • mindfulness guide

  • bachelor of fine arts in acting

  • producer of 500+ sold-out shows

  • connector of over 5,000 people in creative growth

  • corporate hospitality management

  • social media marketing

  • poet & personal narrative essayist

  • certified master olive oil miller

  • nature enthusiast

  • visual artist

  • abuse & addiction survivor

Where You'll Find Me Next:

Soul Awakening Experience – Boston, MA  (Saturday, March 18th | 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM) Join Me!

Intuitive, Embodied, Intention-Setting – Amagansett, NY 
(Saturday, April 29 | 3:00-5:30 PM)  Details Here!

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