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Transform Fear, Align With Your Desires, and Gain Clarity

At each crossroads of your entrepreneurial journey, your needs are unique and evolving. That's why I'm giving you a choice between three methods aimed at empowering you to get into alignment with your goals and purpose.

Your Free 45-Minute Session Awaits


Diamando Stratakos GOLIVE Spartan Intuitive Business Coach Retreat in Greece_edited_edited

Diamando helped me untangle and unpack some of the most important things happening in my life in regard to my work. I left our conversation feeling inspired but also deeply thinking about the how and why of the work I do and how it could change for the future.

Leanna Ballester, First Light

Hey there, warrior entrepreneur (or entrepreneur-curious)!
It's me, Diamando, your intuitive business artist, aka coach.

Diamando Stratakos GOLIVE Spartan intuitive business coach

If you’re here, I’m guessing you're a caretaking career woman (or someone channeling a deep divine feminine) with an itch to expand your inner entrepreneur. 


You're wise with your spending and mindful of your time. You’re ready to create a vision of your perfect 10 out of 10 and implement strategies that make that dream life attainable and sustainable.

My mission is to help you unleash your magic and attract the people who desperately need your help. With me, you’ll find a combination of life coaching, business coaching, and the “woo woo.” I use a blend of intuitive practices and creative storytelling alongside strategies and simple systems (and even some tech!).


Call it what you want. Head and heart, thinking and feeling, left brain right brain. All of those are accurate.


As your intuitive business coach, I'm here to be your constant companion on your entrepreneurial journey, adapting and growing with you every step of the way. Whether you're at that pivotal moment of deciding if it's the right time to transition from working for others to building your own empire, or finding yourself needing to realign your business path for greater fulfillment – I've got you covered.  

Remember – you don't need to be the best at something; you only need to be one step ahead of the person who needs your help.


Here are a couple of things you absolutely won’t find here. No guru mentality. Inflated ego trips are not allowed here! Also, no bro culture, though we will sometimes explore masculine and feminine energy and how we can use them in the right moments. First and foremost, absolutely no should-ing or assigned worth. This is your path. You decide how it goes.

I’m here to remind you of your true self, your deepest desires, and the beauty of embracing both fear and fun. We'll get silly, trust our gut, and infuse every step with joy.


The best way to begin.


If you feel like now might be the perfect time to make a big change, but you don't know what that change is, this 3-hour one-on-one intensive will help.

Ready to stop doing everything alone?


I'm here to help. My method is designed to allow you to focus on YOU just as much as on the people you were born to help.


Included With 1:1 or Booked Separately

Running a business is about a lot more than budgets and ideal clients. It's a body, mind & soul journey.

If you're ready to creatively expand what being an entrepreneur means to you, please consider joining me for a workshop or retreat.

Our retreats are filled with a variety of expansive offerings aimed at giving you the tools and time to truly expand, connect, and align.

Two partial scholarships are available for each experience for women who come from backgrounds of abuse and/or addiction. we are committed to providing a safe space for everyone to explore the next step in their journey. if you identify with this, please reach out

Helios Harvest: August 17-24 or 18-22, 2023

Wild Roots Embodied: November 14-21, 2023

Flower essence retreat Greece GOLIVE Spartan Experiences.heic
Deema fun.jpeg


I decided to start working with Diamando after experiencing a state of stagnancy and lack of discipline in my business.


Diamando is great at holding you accountable in the safest and most understanding way.


She can direct you and listen to you simultaneously.


Nature's Path

Diamando really takes the time to listen to you and align with what works for you as a person, in order for you to learn and grow.


I have continued, over time, to consistently work with Diamando through all facets of my business – for my own personal growth, as well as the growth of my business.


She is a shining light and I am truly thankful that she came into my life on a personal level as well as a business level.



I took a mini-course for my art business with Diamando. She helped me so much by not only having brilliant suggestions for my business but most importantly she helped in finding the things I needed to say NO to.


My problem has always been having too many ideas. What I really needed was the coach who showed me the clearest path to success. Diamando is that coach!

Dr. Hayley testimonial.jpg

Dr. Hayley
Be Well With Dr. Hayley

Without Diamando, I wouldn't even have Be Well With Dr. Hayley. She helped me figure out what my superpowers are.


Because Diamando was able to give me the tools to help me figure out what I'm good at and give me the mindset to go out there and pursue my dreams, I now have a profitable business!

Jamie Testimonial.JPG

Broadly Entertaining

My goal was mostly a creative shake-up within myself by diving into a medium I hadn't played with in ages.


I had no idea the workshop would also support my long held personal goal of developing good habits for my well-being by offering methods for one action that can be applied to more aspects of my life in general.

Kaitlin Testimonial GOLIVE.jpg

Business Owner

I think one of the biggest things that has resulted from my working with Diamando is that I have a bigger sense of confidence in my business and in myself.


I have more clarity and focus on where I want my business to go and how I'm going to get there. She is super talented at really understanding who you are as an individual. She's just phenomenal.

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