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Boost Your Business Today

with 30 Minutes Of Alignment Strategy- Totally Free

"The skills and strategies Diamando recommended have given me more tools in my tool-belt and I feel better equipped to tackle whatever tasks come my way. Because of my work with her, I have more money coming in. She is great at providing simple strategies that literally anyone can use!"

-Dr. Hayley Nelson

Founder, Be Well With Dr. Hayley


GOLIVE Spartan Experiences

If you feel like now might be the perfect time to make a big change, but you don't know what that change is, this is the intensive for you.


This three hour session will leave you with clarity and a path that is aligned with what you truly need.


You will be asked a series of questions that will help you prove to yourself what you truly want to be doing with your career/business/life.


We will analyze different aspects of your business using both head & heart-centered perspectives:

experience | magic | resources | "success" potential


Following our live meeting, you will be sent a recording of the session as well as extensive journaling notes & reflections to set you up with immediate action steps toward your goals.


"It was not at all what I expected. But it WAS exactly what I needed. Oftentimes we just need a little push in the right direction. A gentle guidance. An open ear."


"This is ALOT, in a very good way! I think it is really great to ask myself these questions and continue to reflect."


"Diamando has a gift of seeing the unseen- bringing light to the path calling you. She is incredible with strategy + words. She is just an incredible partner + someone who inspires co-creation in everything- truly a beautiful + rare dynamic in collaboration."

2022 Wild Roots Embodied Retreat in Ancient Sparta

Running a business is about a lot more than budgets and ideal clients.


It's a body, mind & soul journey.

If you're ready to creatively expand what being an entrepreneur means to you, please consider joining me for an event or retreat.

Experience Ancient Sparta


What if you could step onto sacred land, tap into the wisdom within and walk away with certainty of your purpose and path in this world? 

Filled with a variety of expansive offerings, including–

harvest | yoga | music | cooking | history | arts |

business strategy | writing | intuition and more

two partial scholarships are available for each experience for women who come from backgrounds of abuse and/or addiction. we are committed to providing a safe space for everyone to explore the next step in their journey. if you identify with this, please reach out

May 2023: Awakening Your Inner Muse

August 2023: (Family-Friendly) Helios Harvest

November 2023: Wild Roots Embodied

Are you ready to feel like you're in complete alignment with your purpose in this world?


I'm here to help you achieve just that. ​

Together, we will:

• clarify your vision & superpowers

• build or expand a business that is in complete alignment with your passions & values

• find the people who truly need what only YOU have to offer

• set you up with simple and quick methods for your version of success

• breathe with ease together from a space of joy when you can finally sit in gratitude with a life you love

a head & heart-centered method that allows you to focus on YOU just as much as on the people you were born to help.

Diamando Stratakos GOLIVE Spartan intuitive business coach
Diamando Stratakos Intuitive Business Coach GOLIVE Spartan Business Artist Retreat.heic

I'm Diamando, keeper of the warrior goddess energy behind GOLIVE Spartan.

That's right, I said it.


There is a lot of power behind the concept of Spartan, and that is sewn into every breath of our collaborations.


Living the true Spartan way means:

• supporting your community

• truly embodying the spirit of collaboration

• forging enterprise and commerce in a creative way

• learning from the the land and protecting its (and your) energy

My superpower is helping you align with your magic so you can use it to build your dream life and business.

Dr. Hayley testimonial.jpg

Dr. Hayley
Be Well With Dr. Hayley

I absolutely loved The Business Boost-Camp. It changed my life. Without Diamando, I wouldn't even have Be Well With Dr. Hayley. She helped me figure out what my superpowers are. Because Diamando was able to give me the tools to help me figure out what I'm good at and give me the mindset to go out there and pursue my dreams, I now have a profitable business!

Jamie Testimonial.JPG

Co-Founder, Broadly Entertaining

My goal was mostly a creative shake-up within myself by diving into a medium I hadn't played with in ages. I had no idea the workshop would also support my long held personal goal of developing good habits for my well-being by offering me methods for one action that can be applied to more aspects of my life in general.

Kaitlin Testimonial GOLIVE.jpg

Business Owner

I think one of the biggest things that has resulted from my working with Diamando is that I have a bigger sense of confidence in my business and in myself. I have more clarity and focus on where I want my business to go and how I'm going to get there. She is super talented at really understanding who you are as an individual. She's just phenomenal.

Emails are infrequent, full of useful information & freebies and you can unsubscribe any time... though I'm pretty sure you won't want to

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