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What's Included (and What's Not)

Over the course of the weekend, you will have full access to a variety of live, interactive experiences.

Yoga &


  • FIVE 60-90 minute yoga classes

  • One bonus pre-recorded yoga class so every time zone can have a Friday evening class

  • One guided walking meditation

  • One tea meditation circle

  • Two guided sleep meditations

  • One Sound Healing workshop

  • Retreat participants get to collaboratively aid in the creation and structure of the yoga classes

  • Vinyasa, Power, and Restorative Yoga all planned in a way that will let you release, reset, and reconnect over the course of the weekend

Group Discussion
  • THREE Community Conversations

  • Priority virtual "seating" for active participation 

  • VIP pass that allows you to send questions in advance of each discussion

  • Learn from experts in their fields about a variety of topical issues- all from a collaborative community perspective

  • One guest pass per discussion with priority and VIP access

  • Your vote counts! We will donate 5% of proceeds from the retreat to a charity or charities participants will help select


All the Amazing

Bonuses and Extras

Organic Vegetables
  • A cleansing vegan menu for the weekend with recipes that can be made in 45 minutes or less

  • Three dinners, two breakfasts, two lunches, two snacks 

  • Your meal times planned to work with your activity schedule

  • One "Community Dinner" where we will cook together virtually

  • Private Facebook group 

  • "Getting to Know You" session where you can introduce yourself to other retreat members and get that community vibe pulsing through you

  • Live-stream classes AND links to recordings for unlimited later access

  • Multiple chances to enter prize giveaways (prizes including one-on-one yoga classes, recorded meditations, and more!)

What's NOT Included

  • Yoga clothing

  • Yoga mat, block, strap, or other props you may want to use (BUT... you can use a book, towel, tie, and many other things you certainly have around your house).

  • Meditation cushion

  • Tea and mug for the tea circle

  • Good weather during the walking meditation

  • No guarantee that all of your questions will be answered (BUT... we will do our best to address things later within the Facebook group)

  • Accommodation of timing for all time zones. (BUT... those recordings will be available)

  • Computer, tablet, or phone to access classes and sessions

  • A babysitter for your kids 

  • Ingredients and materials to make the recipes provided

  • One-on-one modifications/adjustments during yoga classes (BUT... we will try to both make the classes accessible for everyone AND keep an eye on the screen)

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But How Much Does It Cost?

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