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What is Your Health Worth to You?

Retreats are often something you need to save up for in order to experience them. Not only do you need to deal with transportation and lodging, but you have to request time off from work, schedule everything, buy new clothes or luggage or a travel yoga mat. The costs quickly add up.

The magic of a virtual retreat is that you don't have to worry about any of these extra expenses, and can focus on the beauty of everything else you can accomplish.

A vacation destination retreat can be a wonderful thing, but gaining the ability to create that mentality within yourself and your environment is simply priceless... well, not priceless- but you get it.

An online, small group yoga class with an experienced teacher costs anywhere from $15-$35. One that is personalized based on your advance requests is closer to the high end of that price. Our retreat offers FIVE live yoga classes plus a bonus recorded session.

VALUE: $150

Meditation sessions are anywhere from $10-$50. We have two sleep meditations PLUS a tea ceremony and an hour-long walking visualization meditation which uses NLP principles to help you get your mind in a state of positivity and productivity.

VALUE: $150

Sound Healing is a special experience with few internationally recognized and certified instructors. We are thrilled to be able to offer this unique workshop during our retreat.

VALUE: $50

You can find vegan recipes online or in cookbooks any time you want, but having a menu curated for you that is full of easy-to-make, yet delicious meals isn't as easy to come by. Plus, you get a live community cooking session thrown into the mix!

VALUE: $125


Many organizations offer lectures and discussions. These have become especially popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are offering access to our Community Conversations series for free, the VIP and priority access our retreat attendees gain bumps things up a notch.

VALUE: $45


You can spend your monthly audible subscription downloading a meditation, or practice with your favorite yoga instructors through a subscription-based service. By joining this retreat, you will receive LIFETIME access to recordings of our yoga classes as well as digital downloads of our sleep meditations.

VALUE: $150

So what IS the price of this retreat?

We would like to offer you this unique experience for only

TOTAL VALUE: $770   

But we wouldn't dream of charging that much considering the current circumstances of the world around us.



Creating an accessible community is our top priority.

Payment plans available upon request.

Feel free to reach out for more information.


Other Packages

-Two guided sleep meditations to help you visualize your confidence and serenity

-One sound healing meditation

-One walking meditation using NLP principles to lead you on a path to health

-One tea meditation circle

*What's NOT included- traditional meditation as you know it.

-Full recipe book-with delicious, cleansing, healthy, vegan recipes

-One community cooking class

-One collaborative writing workshop

-One tea meditation circle


-ALL Saturday activities

(2 yoga classes, walking meditation, 2 community conversations, writing workshop, community cooking class)-

-Recipe book 

-You choose one yoga class and one meditation experience (walking, tea, sound healing)

-ALL Sunday activities

(2 yoga classes, tea meditation circle, sound healing, one community conversation)

-Recipe book 

***50% refundable if written notification is provided by Thursday, October 22, 2020.

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