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You Are Amazing.

Are you ready to shower love on yourself? Here’s a simple challenge.

Stand in front of a mirror with a notebook and pen. Look at yourself and take a deep breath or two.

Start making a list of things you love about yourself. Physical things, characteristics, anything you can think of. Don't think too hard. This should be stream-of-consciousness. You aren't analyzing yourself. You're just writing all the positive things that come to mind.

It might be slow going at first. That's understandable. Most of us aren't used to being outwardly kind to ourselves. Putting it down on paper may even feel boastful. GET OVER IT and JUST DO IT.

I do this exercise once a month. Sometimes the items on my list are the same, and sometimes I find that I'm valuing something totally new that day. As you grow, your list will grow.

Start with 25 things but eventually work your way up to 100. You will be surprised how quickly things flow out once you let them. I guarantee there is a lot to love about you.

*Don't skip out on the pen to paper connection. This really does help in making it stick. Plus, you end up with a tangible list you can look at on days when you might be feeling a little down.

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