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What the Heck is a Lifequake?

Before I begin this article, I am going to give credit where credit is due.

  1. I would not have been inspired to write this if I had not gotten a free membership to Blinkist through a credit card promotion. I am officially in love with the concept of this app and will write a full article about it soon. (*if you have an AMEX, check out your offers)

  2. The concept of a "Lifequake," is a term borrowed from Bruce Feiler. I listened to the blinks for his book, "Mastering Change at Any Age" and you bet I'll be reading the whole thing soon. The term has appeared in many other publications, but his was the first time I had heard it.

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And now, my thoughts...

Throughout my life, there have been many significant events that have catapulted me into action. Most of these events were negative occurrences that led to something incredibly positive.

a) In 2007, I suffered an injury that caused me to be out of work for a number of years while I recovered from both knee and hip surgeries. During this time, I started a theater company that produced hundreds of plays and allowed me to work with literally thousands of people.

b) In 2012, I attempted to get into grad school for acting. I was unsuccessful in my attempt. While dealing with this fact, I took myself to Greece in the winter and was inspired to start an olive oil business. I lost a ton of money and learned so much.

c) This year, due to COVID-19, I lost my restaurant management job. I took the opportunity to get a bunch of certifications I had wanted for years and finally start my retreat business.

These events were all "lifequakes," or as defined by Mr. Feiler, "events we have no control over, and don't choose." The process of dealing with one of these transformative events is different for everyone. In reflecting on my own process during these times, I have realized that the way I deal with these things is first by going through the stages of grief.

Denial - I'm not really that hurt. Surely I'll be back at work within a couple of weeks.

Anger - If I were a guy, I would have gotten past the second callback. Thi