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Mastering Self-Regulation in Stressful Times: A Necessary Tool for Entrepreneurs

Bookmark this post for those uncomfortable moments in business and life.

Self-regulation is a powerful tool for running your business (and maintaining your grounding and stability in life). As an entrepreneur, you might not think mindset is as important as strategy, social media presence, and business plans, but you would be wrong.

Without mindset, you have nothing.

You can do this anywhere, but I find extra potency when I give myself a few minutes to reset in nature.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious, or unsure (emotions ALL entrepreneurs face), try this exercise.


5. FIVE things you see around you. Anything you see. Could be a speck of dust, a butterfly, your hair blowing in the breeze…

4. FOUR things you can touch around you. Could be the ridges of your fingerprints, the ground beneath you, a tree you can hug…

3. THREE things you hear. Birds chirping, cars honking, your feet as they hit the ground…

2. TWO things you can smell. Could be your shampoo or the flowers around you. If you smell nothing, imagine your two favorite smells…

1. ONE thing you can taste. What’s going on inside your mouth? Can you taste the tea you just had? Your toothpaste? Maybe you can taste something in the air…

Whether you're an entrepreneur or entrepreneur-curious this self regulation technique is quick, effective and gives you a necessary reset when you’re feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed in uncertainty.

If you find things like this helpful, please consider sharing with another entrepreneur who would benefit from this style of mindset tip. I've included a handy email opt-in form link so they can keep receiving :-)

Self regulation sensory exercise in nature
Me doing this very exercise

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