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Two Truths + A Lie

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

A few days ago, I posted the following on my FB profile:

Two Truths and a Lie Challenge-

Step 1: Guess my lie

Step 2: Create your own and let me know so I can guess

Step 3: Check out my FB page for the next month as I share #atruthadayfor30days

Optional Step 4: Tell 30 truths of your own. Anyone who does gets something special from me (so let me know if you’re considering it)

My Truths + A Lie:

A: I never wear anything on my wrists (no bracelets, no watches, no tight sleeves)

B: I have never done the 30 Days to Healthy Living program as intended and I don’t ever plan to

C: I feel daily challenges in regards to addictive behaviors.

Nearly everyone who guessed (and there were quite a few) assumed that B was one of my truths. Most people know that I am brand-specific when it comes to the products I use, so it's a normal assumption that I would also be partial to the signature programs of said brands.

The truth, not so much.

With that being said, here is my question to you:

How do you feel about diets and diet culture? This is not a leading question. I truly want to know.