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This is a story about manifesting your desires

I should start this story by saying that I am a huge fan of cemeteries. I love the history and mystery of them. I am drawn to the notion of being fully rooted and grounded while also being completely free and flowing.

If only we fully could tap into that in life!

This brings me to my upcoming trip to Paris. The number one thing I have always wanted to do there was visit the catacombs.

Nope, not The Louvre (you can see The Mona Lisa more clearly in photos and don’t have to try to glimpse her over throngs of tourists’ selfie sticks).

And not The Eiffel Tower, though that’s lovely too.

The Catacombs.

A tunnel network of skulls and graves and so much more.

But on each of my other trips, The Catacombs were closed. I was determined to keep trying (shocking, if you know me).

Unfortunately, the procrastinator in me took the wheel on this one, and I didn’t even think to book a tour until a couple of weeks ago. Surprise surprise- sold out.

I kept looking. I found out that many museums and attractions (the catacombs included) open up ticket blocks a week before the date. So I set an alarm.

But I was tired that night, and couldn’t keep my eyes open. All night, I dreamt of waking up and trying to book my tickets, and nothing was available at the times I wanted. Dream me knew that I needed 11:15 or 10:45.

In my dreams, I told myself that I should wake up and actually book. And then I decided, in a lucid dream state to wait.

And wait, I did.

When I woke up, I immediately logged in. I found a ticket for 11:15 and added it to my cart. When I went to check out, it was no longer available.

I went back to the website. Sold out for the whole day.

I hit refresh. Nothing.

I hit refresh again. 1 ticket left for 10:45.

I put it in my cart, pressed check out, and booked my visit.


The moral of the story? When you are truly aligned with your desires, you can’t try to control the timeline. If it is meant for you, it will happen, and it will be magical.

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