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Someday is the Devil

“Well hopefully someday I can get my sh@# together and share my stuff.”

That’s a direct quote from a friend with immense talent and a business just itching to be crafted.

And yet, she can’t see it. Because she is stuck on “someday.”

Do you know how often I hear these words or words like them? Do you know how many talented women are out there sitting on their gifts, waiting for “someday”? Maybe you too have said these words before?

Someday, the evil villain. He is sitting in your brain with the promise of something greater while also telling you that you’re not ready. That’s some manipulative crap. Someday is an a$$hole. Someone needs to pluck him by his hairy little pointed ears and throw him into a river so he can cool off a bit. Because his promises of a better time aren’t in your best interests. They are based in his fears, which are feeding off of yours.

And yes, I’m imagining Someday as a little elf/troll, a la Rumpelstiltskin. He can spin your straw into gold but he will also take your first-born child… so watch out for him.

Seriously though, Someday is literally taking away the thing you’re about to give birth to. Your ideas, your goals, your desires. And he’s saying no to them. He’s planting self-doubt and fear and insecurity and dressing them up as kindness and concern.

So let me break it down. There is a big difference between Someday and one day.

Someday is a sniveling little jerk.

One day is having a plan for how and when you will go after the things you were born to do.

I’m here to help you kick Someday to the curb so you can visualize one day and take simple, joyful, daily steps toward getting there.

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