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NLP Identity Exercise

Want to feel great about yourself? This exercise always does that for me.

The entire process takes 10 minutes and is one of my favorites from the NLP world.

NLP (neurolinguistic programming) is about seeing things through a different lens. Sometimes the one you’re using can be a little cloudy, right?

The NLP Identity Exercise is an easy introduction to the way NLP can work for you. I have a feeling you’ll gain some clarity and confidence.

Here we go:

STEP 1: Grab a pen and paper. You're probably reading this on your phone and are tempted to use your notepad and type it all out. I urge you NOT to do this. You really want the pen to paper connection to stimulate your brain.

STEP 2: Finish this sentence, "I am..." Have these be one to two word answers. Finish this sentence 10 to 12 times. None of these answers should be your profession or what you DO, you need to focus on who you are. Some examples: I am kind; I am loving; I am compassionate. Try to focus on positive things about yourself.

STEP 3: Now finish this sentence, "I am a..." Here is your chance to finish with your profession and what you do 10 to 12 times. Some examples: I am a coach; I am a teacher; I am a daughter.

STEP 4: One more sentence to finish, "I choose to live with..." Finish this sentence at least 10 times. Again, only one or two words are needed. This is where you think about the version of yourself you really WANT to be. Some examples: I choose to live with money; I choose to live with love; I choose to live with compassion.

STEP 5: Look at your three lists. Circle three answers from each list. Let your gut guide you. What is calling to you first? Don't overthink this. It's important to know what you are gravitating to in the moment you're doing the exercise because it will provide you with some great information about your personal development. Write these 9 sentences down on a separate piece of paper and set it aside.

STEP 6: Imagine you are meeting a potential business partner or love interest. In your conversation with them, you ask them to describe themselves. Let's imagine that in this hypothetical encounter, they sit across from you and answer you with the nine things you wrote down on your piece of paper.

Think about this list coming out of the mouth of someone else. What feelings does that pull up for you? I'm guessing that when you hear them describe themselves this way, you are immediately drawn to them. You absolutely want to work with them/date them/whatever with them. You know why? Because they are freaking awesome.

STEP 7: Realize that YOU. ARE. AWESOME. Pull out that list you set aside. Read it aloud to yourself. The qualities you listed about yourself and who you choose to be are the qualities of one bad-ass person. You are a force to be reckoned with. You are everything you need right now. STEP 8: Soak it all up. Let yourself smile. Let yourself cry. Let yourself laugh. Whatever you do, choose joy and positivity. Choose a confident version of yourself. It's the easy choice to make. The pain and suffering require so much more effort.

If you're curious about being led through this exercise or any other NLP exercise, I would love to chat. Send me a message and we will set up a free consultation call.

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