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How I Changed My Life in 30 Days

Updated: May 8, 2022

This past January, I turned 40. Yup, I’m 40– and I’m loving it.

I had this vision of starting my 40th year with adventure and endless possibility. That manifested itself into a journey I lovingly called, #40daysof40. In that journey, I did something every day for 40 days that I had never done before.

It was supposed to get me out into the world and in contact with people. I had this vision of bringing thousands of people with me on this path and changing lives every day.

I may have done that. I’m not really sure. What I do know is that it turned into a much more internal experience than I had expected. Though I was out in the world adventuring and trying new things (like eating crickets or flying a freaking plane!), I was also in a deep space of self-reflection.

My business suffered. Well, maybe it didn’t suffer; but it definitely took a long pause and a deep breath. Sometimes we need to do that. I felt great about my experience, but fearful about where it had led me. I wasn’t sure if I could dig myself out of whatever space I had gotten into.

With the help of a very powerful community, I realized I needed to dig deeper and go through it, rather than trying to climb my way out. This led to the discovery of Phase 2.

About a month ago, I started on a journey to a stronger, healthier, more positive & productive me. A me who is focused and anchored in the things that allow me to be the best version of myself.

I had to truly feel into what those things were and ask myself some serious questions.

What do I value?

What are my passions?

What is my purpose?

How can I put these things into practice on a daily basis?

With a strong foundation, I was able to pull on systems and structures that have worked for me in the past. I grabbed things from my tool belt like the values audit. I got back to thinking about my morning routine. I immersed myself in a growth-mindset.

When all was said and done, it came down to three categories:



Manuscripting (not a word, but I don’t care. I like the alliteration and I think we all know that means writing)

Some of these things I did alone and others I included in the communal spaces I created during this time… because community is something I value– a LOT.

For the manuscripting part, I got back into my morning pages– every single day. I brain-dumped my giant heart out and let it live where it needed to– out of my head.

For the mindfulness, I got back into my meditation practice. When I wasn’t straight-up meditating, I made sure to have a mindful walk, or to have mindful moments in the shower or while washing dishes. Mindfulness doesn’t need to be about sitting uncomfortably cross-legged on the floor.

For the movement, I knew I needed to make it systematic. I love to hike and do yoga, but it can be a huge challenge to motivate. I need accountability, and lots of it.

So I created that in community and partnership spaces. I hired a personal trainer (and she’s freaking awesome).

I started tracking my food (because I know myself and nutrition and movement go hand-in-hand for me)

I took measurements: weight, hips, thighs, biceps, butt, chest.

I was put through a strength and skills assessment on Day 1 and Day 31 (with that awesome personal trainer I talked about).

I am going to pause here to say that I don’t believe in needing to look a different way. We are not the measure of our appearance, though society (and the little voice in our heads) would have us believe otherwise a lot of the time. That does not mean, however, that we can’t want to feel a different way.

As someone who has been in and out of doctors’ offices for nearly four decades, often without answers, being the healthiest version of myself allows me to truly BE myself, rather than someone who is smiling through pain.

So what’s the point?

There were huge shifts. Monumental shifts. Like really really big shifts.

I could give you numbers and metrics; I have them, after all. And maybe I will down the line. For now, take a look at the woman in this video.

She is a badass. She is alert, vibrant, expressive and totally super-powerful. Those are the best metrics I could ask for.

To be continued…

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