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How I Changed My Life in 30 Days

Updated: May 8, 2022

This past January, I turned 40. Yup, I’m 40– and I’m loving it.

I had this vision of starting my 40th year with adventure and endless possibility. That manifested itself into a journey I lovingly called, #40daysof40. In that journey, I did something every day for 40 days that I had never done before.

It was supposed to get me out into the world and in contact with people. I had this vision of bringing thousands of people with me on this path and changing lives every day.

I may have done that. I’m not really sure. What I do know is that it turned into a much more internal experience than I had expected. Though I was out in the world adventuring and trying new things (like eating crickets or flying a freaking plane!), I was also in a deep space of self-reflection.

My business suffered. Well, maybe it didn’t suffer; but it definitely took a long pause and a deep breath. Sometimes we need to do that. I felt great about my experience, but fearful about where it had led me. I wasn’t sure if I could dig myself out of whatever space I had gotten into.

With the help of a very powerful community, I realized I needed to dig deeper and go through it, rather than trying to climb my way out. This led to the discovery of Phase 2.

About a month ago, I started on a journey to a stronger, healthier, more positive & productive me. A me who is focused and anchored in the things that allow me to be the best version of myself.

I had to truly feel into what those things were and ask myself some serious questions.

What do I value?

What are my passions?

What is my purpose?

How can I put these things into practice on a daily basis?