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Friendship Challenge

GOLIVE Spartan Friendship Challenge 30 Day Challenge Wellness, Productivity & Confidence

Up for a challenge?

I'll even provide you with a points system you can use. I'm a super competitive person, even with myself, so if you're anything like me, I'm providing you with a little targeted motivation.

This is a simple way to feel an immediate change. It will also create a shift in 30 people around you. That butterfly effect will shift countless others.

Step 1: make a list of 30 friends.

Don’t think too hard. Just write. You will be surprised by who makes your list and who doesn’t. If you have to dig into your friendship archives, that’s great!

Step 2: reach out to a new person from your list each day.


Text someone on the list- 1️⃣

Call someone on the list- 3️⃣

Write an email to someone on the list- 2️⃣

Send a letter in the mail- 3️⃣

Reach out to the same person twice- 1️⃣ point each extra time

Reach out to all 30 people in 30 days- 5️⃣0️⃣

Find a system for keeping track of your communications. You’ll feel accomplished and connected each time you look at the list. You can use a notepad on your phone if that's easier for you. I personally like to write the names out on paper. Then I can jot down notes about the conversation. The paper starts to get crowded with my scribbles and I immediately feel great because it means I'm connecting with people.

If you're a tidy person who can't stand a messy looking piece of paper, leave some space next to each person's name. Do what makes sense for you.

Don’t let the process intimidate you. You can send a text once a day and still be receiving all the benefits. The joy comes in the attempt. The rest is all bonus.

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