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Let's Talk Embodiment

A lot of people hear the word embodiment and they get a little intimidated. Like, are you gonna ask me to do an interpretive dance?

What does embodiment mean exactly?

I'd like to bring embodiment down to its simplest form and define it for our purposes as "acknowledging and processing your senses and grounding into them."

Let's face it, a lot of the work you do daily involves being in your head. Not to mention the extra time you spend in your head analyzing all the little (and big) things.

Embodiment is your opportunity to get out of your head and into your heart and your hands (and the rest of your body). I have seen results over and over again with embodiment practice. When my clients take a few moments to get into their bodies before sitting down to be in their heads, they reach new levels of clarity and productivity.

There are a lot of different ways you can get grounded, and it can be super fun to explore a bunch of methods.

Maybe the best way for you to ground yourself is to stand up and shake it out.

Maybe you need to do breathing exercises.

Maybe you connect to grounding through your sense of smell, so a cup of tea or the scent of a candle burning allows you to get into your body.

I know a lot of people who literally need to stand on the ground and feel the earth.

One of my clients uses a blanket that feels warm and soothing. She drapes this over her legs when she is about to get onto a zoom call.

A personal favorite is something that was taught to me called "feminine flow," which is really getting into your hips, getting on the floor, and moving to music.

Whatever grounding methods work for you, I challenge you to start using them before you start anything that requires a lot of brain thinking. I know "brain thinking" is not a phrase. I was going to write brain activity, but the brain literally controls every part of your body so that's entirely inaccurate.

Bottom line? Your brain can't be in all of the places at the same time. It can either be in your body or in your thoughts or rapidly trying to shift between them.

It's like life. You don't have time to do it all simultaneously, and neither does your nervous system.

So what happens when you allow yourself to connect to your senses and get into your body? It becomes so much easier for things to flow through you. Ideas, inspiration, creativity– it all flows.

Embodiment practice can literally change your life. It has absolutely changed mine.

**If you would like to explore any of this more, consider getting on a complimentary call with me. You will come away with at least two actionable steps that will allow you to walk your path with clarity and ease.

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