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What's With All This Woo-Woo Manifestation and Energy Stuff?

Let me tell you, friend. This wasn't something I took really seriously in the past. It sounded like straight up hippie stuff... and this is coming from someone who gets frequent astrological readings and spent her childhood trying to figure out if the boys she liked liked her by using a deck of playing cards. Basically, I'm no stranger to the mystical arts; and yet I still thought manifestation was a step too far.

Oh, how wrong I was. Like really, really wrong. The past two years, I have spent a considerable amount of time and effort making myself more aligned with the things I want for myself.

Have you noticed that I've been posting from The Hamptons on all my social media platforms?

You think that's coincidence? Nope! Yes, I love Montauk and I grew up spending summers here with my grandmother. I love nature and the ocean and being near water and hiking every day and all of the residual benefits I get from being out here. But you want to know a secret? Since I came out here at the end of August, I have tripled my income. TRIPLED. I wanted more money in my life, so I came somewhere that has an abundance of it. Do I spend my days on yachts or shopping for my very own Louis Vuitton bag? Absolutely not! But did I turn down an offer to spend a day on a yacht? You bet your a$$ I didn't. And I had a grand old time... and booked a new client. So you're probably asking- How can I create these opportunities for myself? Great question. Let's first dive into the most important part of this equation- you need to know what you're truly going after and why.

Not everyone wants more money. Not everyone wants more power or influence. Not everyone wants to be successful. In fact, success and power mean very different things to each and every one of us. Knowing how you define these things is an important part of the journey (and one I'm committed to helping you with... using simple systems and strategies). So let's say you do want more money but you don't currently have the ability to travel at all, let alone take a first-class flight somewhere. For more on this reference, check out last week's episode of L&L. In the meantime, I have a few suggestions for you:

  • Use visualization techniques to imagine yourself having these resources. Be specific. What are you wearing? Where are you traveling? Who is with you? What does it smell like in first class? What do they feed you? How does it taste?

  • Start following some people who live this type of life... on social media; don't become a stalker. You're still energetically raising your vibration by seeing these things regularly.

  • Start saving for your Frequency Fund. Pick two ways you want to raise your vibration (money, love, power, success, admiration, attention, affection, etc.).

Now pick one thing for each of these two categories that will be a physical manifestation of that value/ideal (Vuitton bag, marriage proposal, high-ticket client). Every single day, put money into that fund. We throw money away all the time. When you connect what you want to what you value, you'll start feeling a lot better about how you're spending your time and your money.

Like I said, all of this doesn't happen overnight. It certainly didn't for me.

In fact, some of the work I had to do first was about figuring out why I didn't think I deserved all these wonderful things in my life.

If that sounds anything like something you've experienced, I encourage you to join us next week on L&L as I lead us through a worksheet I affectionately call, "Symptoms of Success."


Diamando P.S. REMINDER: L&L takes place every Thursday at 12:15PM EDT live on Zoom and Facebook. We then move over to Clubhouse at 12:35PM EDT for a continued discussion. Need a link for any of this? Just ask!

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