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Part cultural immersion, part retreat.
See and feel Greece like a true local while experiencing your unique metamorphosis.


Discover the transformative power of embracing your authentic self.
Explore the dynamics of your masculine and feminine energies through activities and workshops rooted in culture and tradition.


Unveiling Authentic Connections:
A Space for Partners and Singles Seeking Partners
to Explore Deeper Communication

In times of stress, chaos, and metamorphosis, cultivating a sense of balance can be a game changer.  Exploring and understanding the varied qualities we all possess leads to a more integrated understanding of self.

By recognizing and acknowledging these energies within ourselves, we can gain insights into behavioral patterns, preferences, strengths, and areas for growth.

But this goes beyond personal development; it also influences our interactions with others. When we appreciate the interplay between these energies, we can navigate personal and professional relationships more effectively, enhancing empathy and communication.

In embracing and celebrating the diversity of masculine and feminine qualities, regardless of gender, we create a more inclusive and accepting society that values authenticity and individuality.

This allows us to tap into our full potential, enhancing our overall well-being, creativity, and fulfillment in life.

Your Journey

Through an exploration of masculine and feminine archetypes, you will unearth the potential of balanced energies.


Embody this with traditional workshops that embrace diverse community roles. 


Activities will include:

hiking | foraging

herbalism | teas 

traditional crafts

daily yoga & mindfulness exercises

wheat harvest (with horses)

feminine/masculine energy integration

cooking classes

beach time

and more

This unique blend of harvest practices, embodiment workshops, culinary experiences, artistic endeavors, and serene beach time will help you to form fulfilling and aligned relationships, both personally and professionally.


Two 1:1 bonus sessions with Diamando, an intuitive coach. One before the retreat to set your desires and goals; and one after to integrate your experience into manageable and pleasurable lifestyle shifts


This retreat offers you the opportunity to not only connect with the bountiful nature surrounding you but also to explore the depths of your own being.


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What Else Is Included


  • home-cooked meals: traditional breakfast & lunch prepared daily 
    (locally + organically sourced, when possible. vegetarian and gluten-free options available) 


  • evenings out: nightly dining at the finest local establishments

Beach Mani Peninsula GOLIVE Spartan.jpg


  • excursions (at least one is included per adventure): previous trips have included the beautiful beaches and architecture of Mani and Monemvassia.

  • museums/studio visits:  mosaic, museum of the olive, ancient Sparta


  • choose your accommodation: live like a local or like Spartan royalty (lodging at a local 5-star hotel)

  • transport: transit to/from your Spartan adventures

  • body work: experience the healing hands of local experts (two sessions included in your package)



retreat in Sparta Greece.jpeg
I enjoyed the full experience. The one - on - ones, the workshops, the touring around, the yoga, everything. It all came together to help me move forward in this difficult point of my life.
Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to find what makes you happy. Its when you allow the walls to come down, that you find yourself again.

-Carly, Two Time Retreat Participant 


7:30-10:30- breakfast provided

8:45-9:45- yoga/meditation


11:00- 14:30 – mosaic workshop & museum 


14:30-15:30 –lunch provided


15:30-18:00 – intuitive & embodied decision-making workshop


18:00-19:30 – bodywork session


19:30-20:30 – free time 


20:30-23:00 dinner at a local restaurant


for illustration purposes only; your personalized itinerary will be hand-crafted for you prior to your arrival

note: some experiences require advance booking and/or additional payments & cannot be altered

  • 7 days, 7 nights of lodging

  • double occupancy can be booked as a pair (couples, friends, business partners) or you must be open to making a new connection 

  • double occupancy price is per person when two people book together

  • single occupancy price is per person when booked individually

  • fully refundable if requested within 72 hours of booking

  • payment in full must be received two weeks prior to retreat starting date

  • prices may vary slightly depending upon time of booking and season of travel (dependent upon accommodation availability only)

4-day retreat option also available. Aug 18-22.
Inquire at

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