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Community Conversations: Transforming Yourself and Your Community

At GOLIVE Spartan, we believe in the importance of learning from one another. Going on a retreat is not just about individual health and wellness. It's about the connections you can form and how those connections can help you in your transformative journey. It's about interacting with people you might not otherwise come into contact with. It's about getting inspired and inspiring others. 


We hope these conversations will be the catalyst for new thoughts, goal-setting, creativity, and growth. When we come together as a community, the community can transform and thrive.

Stress and the Brain:

The Physiological Effects of a Life Out of Balance

with Hayley Nelson, PhD –

Associate Professor of Psychology at Delaware County Community College

and Founder of Be Well Inside and Out with Dr. Hayley

Sunday, October 25, 2020- 3PM


Ahhhh, STRESS! You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t experience it! Our bodies and brains are designed to handle stress and allow us to function, even flourish, during these inevitable and unavoidable moments in our lives. But what happens when these stressors control our lives?

In this webinar, you’ll hear from neuroscientist Hayley Nelson, PhD about the sources of stress in our lives, our biological stress response system, negative consequences to the brain and behavior under times of chronic stress, and holistic ways to help mitigate these effects on your body, brain, and mental health.

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