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Part cultural immersion, part retreat.
See and feel Greece like a true local while basking in 
your unique metamorphosis.


An Exclusive 3-Day Immersion



This is the ideal opportunity to escape the mental clutter and rediscover the harmony of body and mind.

Nature acts as a wise and gentle guide, providing lessons in communication and connection. You will learn to get in touch more deeply with yourself and others, fostering a sense of community and empathy.

The olive harvest rituals offer a lens to explore cultural dynamics and our place in society, encouraging personal growth and a profound appreciation for our interconnected world.

This transformative experience will leave you with lasting insights and skills to carry forward in your life.

Your Journey

In our fast-paced universe, we often find ourselves trapped in the confines of our minds, disconnected from our bodies and the natural world around us.


This olive harvest retreat provides the ideal environment for you to break free from mental entanglement and reestablish a harmonious relationship with yourself.


Through mindfulness practices, movement, and embodiment exercises, you will learn to be present and aligned in each moment, while also fully experiencing local traditions.

Culturally Immersive Activities Include:

olive harvest | olive oil making

foraging | herbalism | teas 

movement & mindfulness

excursions & meals


This unique blend of harvest practices, embodiment workshops, culinary experiences, and nature-inspired endeavors will help you gain a profound appreciation for the wisdom passed down through generations.


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  • Welcome Meal:  Relish the flavors of Sparta a delectable lunch prepared with locally sourced ingredients. 

  • Tea Ceremony & Sound Healing: Immerse yourself in the sacred ritual of a tea ceremony and the healing vibrations of sound therapy, creating a harmonious journey for the soul.

  • Self-Care Service: Indulge in one self-care service, choosing from a massage, Reiki, or Crystal healing session.

  • Farm-to-Table Feast: Delight in a culinary journey at one of Sparta's finest local establishments

Diamando Stratakos GOLIVE Spartan intuitive business coach


  • Herbal Medicine Workshop: Learn the art of crafting fire cider and olive tincture, blending ancient wisdom with modern wellness

  • Traditional Olive Harvest Experience: Dive into the rich tradition of olive harvesting, connecting with nature & each other

  • Intuitive Foraging: Connect with nature through an insightful foraging experience, fostering a deep understanding of your surroundings, and expanding your creativity

  • Spartan Sunset Picnic: Unwind with a scenic picnic, sharing local delicacies in the heart of Sparta's picturesque landscape.

  • Olive Oil Crafting : Make your own olive oil from scratch under the guidance of seasoned experts

Food & Community GOLIVE Spartan Retreat in Greece_edited.jpg


  • Yoga in Nature: Immerse yourself in the serenity of Spartan mornings with our invigorating yoga class set against the backdrop of nature's beauty

  • Excursion within the Area: Embark on a curated excursion, exploring the hidden gems surrounding Sparta.

  • Olive Tasting: Indulge your senses  through the rich flavors of olive oil, guided by an olive oil sommelier amidst breathtaking landscapes 

  • Farewell Feast: Conclude your unforgettable retreat with a lavish farewell meal at one of the region's finest dining establishments

Greek mountains Sparta Peloponnese

Invest in Unforgettable Moments

Two Nights Accommodation

  • double occupancy can be booked as a pair (couples, friends, family) willing to share a bedroom/bed

  • double occupancy price is per person when two people book together

  • single occupancy price is per person when booked individually

  • fully refundable if requested within 48 hours of booking

  • payment in full must be received two weeks prior to retreat start date

  • prices may vary slightly depending upon time of booking and season of travel (dependent upon accommodation availability only)



retreat in Sparta Greece.jpeg
I enjoyed the full experience. The one-on-one time, the workshops, the touring around, the yoga, everything. It all came together to help me move forward in this difficult point of my life.
Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone to find what makes you happy. Its when you allow the walls to come down, that you find yourself again.

-Carly, Two Time Retreat Participant 

Immerse Yourself in Sparta's Beauty

Your Questions Answered

1. Why a 3-day retreat instead of 1-2 days?

Our commitment to providing an unforgettable experience led us to recommend a 3-day retreat. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, and we want to ensure you have ample time to fully immerse yourself in the olive harvest and Sparta's enchanting charm.

2. Can I take the olive oil I craft home?

Absolutely! The Olive Oil Crafting Workshop allows you to make your own olive oil under expert guidance, and you'll leave with a bottle of your creation to savor the memories. We can also help you arrange shipping of olive oil to both domestic and international locations.

3. Are dietary restrictions considered for meals?

Yes, we accommodate dietary restrictions. Our local and traditional meals are prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and we're happy to tailor them to meet your dietary preferences (gluten-free, vegan, and most others).


4. What language are the workshops and experiences led in?

Most of our teachers and leaders speak English fluently, and that is the primary language that will be spoken. Greek will be spoken by most people in the area, and that is part of the charm of the cultural immersion. Rest assured, we will be by your side for your translation needs.

5. Can I choose my self-care service?

Absolutely! Indulge in one self-care service during the retreat, choosing from a massage, Reiki, or Crystal healing session. It's your chance to tailor the experience to your preferences. Availability dependent upon time of booking, so act now.

6. Is the excursion included in the cost?

Yes, the retreat includes a curated excursion within the area. It's a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

7. What's the booking process?

To secure your spot, confirm your reservation and pay your $555 deposit. Feel free to reach out for any clarifications or special requests.

8. What's NOT included?

Airfare to/from Sparta is not included. If you are traveling by car or bus, we can help you make arrangements for your transportation. Your personal health and liability insurance is also not included, but is a requirement of attendance. If you need assistance with getting an international travel insurance policy, we are happy to guide you.

9. Can you create an experience for me that is longer than 3 days?

We are absolutely open to that. In fact, for this particular experience, we already have a 5 or 7-day version that is ready to go. If you would like to explore a longer period of indulgence, let's chat!

We're thrilled at the prospect of hosting you for this unique and unforgettable olive harvest experience. If you have additional questions, we're here to help!

Feel free to email us at We will respond within 48 hours of receiving your message.

Join us in celebrating the richness of the olive harvest, the flavors of Sparta, and the joy of self-discovery. Your stay with us is more than a retreat; it's an opportunity to create lasting memories, cultivate new friendships, and savor the beauty of each moment.

We can't wait to welcome you to the Olive Harvest Experience, where tradition, nature, and community converge for an unforgettable adventure.

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